Monday, November 24, 2008

Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S Motherboard Driver

( OS : Windows XP , Windows 2000 , Windows 98 , Windows ME)

If you have Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S Motherboard, then you can download drivers for various components of your motherboard here.They are bundled in 3 zip files.

This drivers package applies to the following motherboard models:-

  • Abit NF7 Motherboard
  • Abit NF7-M Motherboard
  • Abit NF7-S Motherboard

You have to download all 3 zip file and extract the the contents of those files into one same folder using WinRAR. Then,it is easier for you to just run the file Autorun.exe that exist in the folder and use the program that appear to install whatever you want, be it drivers, utilities and etc. Manuals are also included.

Total file size will be about 360 Mb.

Please download using the link below based on the OS you use

Windows XP/Windows 2000/Windows 98/Windows ME : part1 , part2 , part3

Other related drivers

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Anonymous said...

Looking for the ethernet driver for this board, but if you seriously think that I'm going to download 360Mb (!) of data then run a dodgy .exe to "that appear to install whatever you want", you must take people for idiots.

You might be completely on the level, but this blog stinks of lack of trust. Sorry.

Hafizzul said...

It's ok. You can download it from Abit official website.

I know that obviously it's hard to trust anybody on the web, and nowadays it's even hard to trust anybody anywhere.

I don't know how to convince you that I'm not into troubling people by asking them to run a virus.exe or trojan.exe.

In fact the files have been downloaded 15 times and nobody complain nothing.

However if you have ideas for me to improve this site (rather than calling me "completely on the level", or ... idiot .. I guess), then they're more than welcomed.

Chad said...

One way to make things better, remove the ad from the top of the page. You don't have to delete it altogether, just put it somewhere other than the very top. Let your heading be the top, then your story (article), then the ads. Or do the Ads that run down the side of the page. Anything but what you've got now...

Hafizzul said...

Thank you, but I will not accept your suggestion, however, thank you again for your suggestion

Anonymous said...

The first and second archive were corrupted, tried redownloading them several times with no improvement. I was able to use winrar to repair them but many of the setup files and utilities did not function. Thankfuly the drivers themselves were usable despite that.