Friday, July 30, 2010

Broadcom wireless problem in Acer Aspire 4310

I guess, after installing XP onto your Acer Aspire 4310 laptop, and after installing all the drivers, some of you may find out that, the wireless adapter is not functioning.

Your laptop may not be able to detect any wireless connections around you, even though you have a lot of wireless access points nearby.

According to my experience, it may be caused by the driver for that wireless adapter. The driver may seems to be installed fine, but it is actually not.

To solve this problem, first, try to have a look again at the version of the driver you installed for your Broadcom wireless adapter. If the version is, then most probably it won't work (even though it get installed just fine).

Now, if the version is indeed, then please reinstall the Broadcom wireless driver with the one with version . You can get it here.

After reinstalling the driver, I bet your adapter will work just fine ... :)

Happy trying.

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