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How to install Windows XP on Acer Aspire 4310 Laptop / Notebook

I guess there are some of us who might bumped into problem while trying to install Windows XP on your Acer Aspire 4310 laptop.

You're doing the normal things done for installing XP, i.e. booting the CD, letting the setup inspecting your system, and etc ... , until eventually, the monitor return a blue screen error message saying that "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer".

I'm not that expert at this, but, according to my broken knowledge of XP installation, I think that happen because of the XP installation lacking the driver of the hard disk controller.

I won't waste more time here to explain about why that happen because of my shallow knowledge, and therefore move on to explain on how you will be able to install XP on your 4310 laptop, based on my own experience.

First of all, you must have a working pc (Means it already have Windows installed on it, and when I say pc, it can be laptop, or netbook).

Then, you must have the AHCI driver for the Aspire 4310 laptop, and you can get the driver here .
Don't ask me what is AHCI (If you still asking, then I guess AHCI is the hard disk driver for Acer Aspire 4310) . Using your pc and of course your internet connection, download the driver file to your pc.
The file will be in zipped form. Unzip the file until you can find the actual contents that are not zipped files. (You might have to unzip twice or thrice until you find the files)

Let say you extract the files to drive C. Then, in drive C, you'll find a file named setup.exe. Now, you must extract the driver.

Open command prompt and run the following command:-

C:\setup.exe -a -pC:\AHCI_Drivers

This command will extract the drivers to C:\AHCI_Drivers. (Please modify the above command based on the location of setup.exe and where you want to extract the driver files.). In C:\AHCI_Drivers, you'll find 3 folders namely Docs, Driver and Driver64. Please take note that the driver we need is in Driver folder (not in Driver64)

Next, you need to slipstream (or insert) the driver into your XP installation. So, you need:-

- A cd burner installed in the pc
- nLite installed on the pc ( You can get it here)
- XP installation ripped out of your cd and stored in a folder named XP in your pc (or whatever name you want to give to the folder)

So, now, start nLite. On the welcome screen , click Next.

Then, now, locate your XP installation using button browse. (In my case, locate the folder XP). Click Next

nLite will verify your installation, then click Next twice.

Now, choose "Integrate Drivers". Click Next.

Now, click insert, then select "Multiple driver folder". Then locate the driver. In my case, it will be at C:\AHCI_Drivers\Driver. Click OK, select the driver and click OK again. Make sure Textmode driver selected, and select all the drivers listed, and then click OK.

Click Next. Click Yes at the dialog box. Let nLite do its job of integrating the drivers, and etc. When nLite finished, click Next.

Now, for Mode, select "Direct Burn". Insert your cd into your cd burner, and and click Burn.

nLite will burn your cd, and once finished, use that cd to install XP onto your Acer Aspire 4310....:)

Happy trying.

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