Sunday, October 24, 2010

After switching on Amilo Pi 3525, the device does not boot anymore. There is no picture on the screen.

There are several possibilities, which can cause such a problem. Please check the following:

Is the Power LED light on? (LED or LCD Display)

Please make sure the power supply is connected to the system as well as to the monitor. Verify, all cable are plugged correctly
and the power socket is powered. For notebooks please check whether the battery is loaded and plug the power supply to the
notebook.If your system has a main switch (usually on the rear side) please switch it off and on again. Sometimes it is helpful to
completely power off the system for a certain time. Therefor unplug all power cables for appr. 15 min. and remove the battery of
your notebook.

Please check the cable connection from the graphics adapter to the display. Make sure, all plugs are plugged in correctly.
Furthermore you can verify whether the graphics card is installed correctly. (The closing panel must fit with the chassis.) If the
closing panel of the graphics card is not in line with the chassis please open the chassis and plug the graphics card correctly.
If you do not want to do this by yourself, please contact Fujitsu Technical Support.
If you have a notebook please check whether a picture is possible via a connected external monitor. To switch between external
and internal display you can use the key combination which you can find in the manual of your notebook.
Did you install any additional hardware before the failure appeared? For testing please uninstall or disconnect the hardware part
for part. When you therefore open the chassis please check all other cable connections. If you find a loose cable which you
cannot assign, please contact Fujitsu Technical Support.

Safety Instructions!
Before opening the chassis make sure the power cable is unplugged. Furthermore please consider to conform to the
requirements for saving components which are susceptible to electrical discharge.
If the problem still persists, the issue might be caused by a hardware defect. In this case please contact Fujitsu Technical Support.

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